Make It Work Monday: A Fearless Life

How many of us are living shouda, woulda, coulda lives?

Really think about that for a moment or two. When it comes to living a happy and fulfilling life are we doing all that we can to get (and stay) in that space? Or are we allowing other forces to sway us to and fro our every life decision?

I am a fan of House Hunters International. I suspect the main reason for that is it serves as a portal of the possible when it comes to international travel and living. I have had an intense desire to travel and see the world since my earliest recollection and it has never dulled. I LOVE seeing new places and being exposed to things outside of my norm. The best part of HHI for me is when they start talking budget. Recently, a couple of teachers were able to relocate from the US to Italy and land a gorgeous apartment for $800.00. 

Now let’s get real, I live in West Texas and I pay close to that for a 2 bed 1 bath. So this notion that somehow living and working abroad is too expensive is complete bull. So what exactly is the barrier?

So what’s stopping you from making a list and making a plan for doing all of the things you really and truly want to do?  I thought it would be neat to pull out one of my lists from 2010 and see how I’m doing. I’ve managed in 6 years to tap 10 of these in some shape or fashion. I think it’s time to get busy on a few others and possibly expand this list to make more of my dreams a reality.

Here are some of the comments a few of my friends shared on my original post. Yes, I’m this kind of accountability partner!

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