Say What?!? Saturday: Disconnected

*relaxing in the tub* *reaches for phone to check facebook*


Pandemonium ensues as I drain the tub and rush to save my baby! Yes my baby! The sheer panic and anxiety while searching for remedies on how to save my phone was revelatory.

When had I become addicted to my phone? How did I become one of those people? Why am I having such a visceral reaction? *checks pulse*

Part of it was the fact that I had no insurance on this $600 phone but the other side was feeling like I would be disconnected from…everything.

This week was an involuntary phone detox. I did cheat a little with my tablet but it wasn’t the same becaues I only had access when on Wi-Fi. I went 6 days without being reachable, unable to look up things at whim, gps, and text. I had people tell me to put info in my phone but…I couldnt’ *sigh* I want to say that it was freeing but nah. lol

I understand that cellphones did not always exist. I didn’t get one until 2000/2001 (prepaid and no data) but I’ve taken a bite out of the apple *hangs head* This morning I booted up my cellphone and felt… relief. I felt right again.

I wish I could say that I don’t need my cell phone but I can’t. What I can say is that I will practice leaving it at home every now and then. I will try to detach and detox…every now and then.

How addicted or preoccupied with your phone are you? If it were to die today, would you be ok with that?




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