Transformative Thursdays: Press On!

I’ve faced a couple situations recently in which it would have been easier to just give up or quit.  But quitting is not really an option for me because I’ve learned that in the face of adversity, is when we can truly shine. A diamond undergoes intense pressure and high temperatures to become a beautiful diamond from the earth’s surface.

If you’ve ever been in the gym and thought you were going to lose weight or tone up you can relate to this example. There comes a point in your exercise routine where you just feel like you don’t have any more to give and the pain is real. You feel it in your legs, arms, shoulders and places you didn’t know had muscles. At that point, you’re faced with a decision: do I keep going to to get my desired results or do I quit knowing I’ll remain at this level?  Hopefully, you choose to continue exercising knowing you will eventually see the results you’re after.  That’s pressing on!

Maybe you can relate to going after a certain job but you are told you’re not qualified, not what they want, not good enough or someone else is a better fit.  We can allow that disappointment to boil over into a sense of failure, self pity or bitterness.  But it’s so freeing to accept that a “no” puts you one step closer to the right “yes”.  That’s pressing on!

Resilience is the ability to bounce back.  The good news is you can develop resilience.  You continue to get up even when you don’t feel like it.  You continue to shine even though the pressure is grueling.  You continue to move forward even though the odds are stacked against you.  Resilient people win and are more successful than those who are not resilient.  Make up your mind to be resilient in the face of whatever comes your way.  Press on!

~Coletta Jones Patterson

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