Mellow Mondays: Not Another Slave Movie

This weekend I had an opportunity to view The Birth of A Nation.  There has been a lot of buzz about this movie.  From the rave reviews at the Sundace Festival to the not so glamorous past of the star and director.  Hollywood has shown quite a number of movie that have a slave narrative over the years. More than we have ever seen.  You will hear critics say why are stories being told? What is their relevance to today’s time?  Why must we show this part of American history?

As I watching The Birth of A Nation, three truths settled in my spirit:

  1. God was, is, and forever be our refuge.  No matter what situation on might face the one person who will always be there is God.  His hand is always there even when you can’t trace him.
  2. We as a people truly do not know the power we hold if we come together.  I often wonder if Blacks truly know they power they hold and how that power can be harnessed together to make an impactful change.
  3. Understanding how history aids us in not repeating our history.  While slavery is over we still have a slavery mentality that keeps up bound.  We still look out for ourselves and take an opportunity to step on another to get ahead.


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