Havana Sundaes: I am a Nurse

There’s such a double edged sword in this field and so many try but will never understand.  

I am a nurse.

I haven’t slept 8 hours in over a decade.

I can’t run from natural disaster because someone else stayed.

The days are long yet not enough hours to do the tasks I’m charged with.

My daughter must share our precious moments with endless people that need my healing hands.

My bladder is over stretched from holding in mine while I encourage yours.

I’m almost  always dehydrated and eating far too late making sure you get back to your “home” to enjoy yours.

I cry more than most will see.  Sometimes it’s in self pity but most often it’s for you.

No matter how many lives you save, it’s the one you just couldn’t reach in time that you can’t forget.

I am a nurse.

I have touched so many that I don’t remember every face, every name,but I remember the feeling of making a difference.

My daughter can be proud that our hours apart are not spent shuffling papers.

When my family calls I can answer, no matter the time.  I have a diagnosis.

No matter your background I can make the nonsense make sense because I explain it how my grandmother would ask me to.

I was born to this profession, Barbie and He-man were my first patients.

This is a lifelong calling that runs in your blood and dances in your dreams.

I am a superhero in scrubs, a permanent secret identity and no one remembers my name.

I am a nurse.



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