Mellow Mondays: Down At the Job

Today is the 29th day of being on my new job.  Let me tell you I feel like I’ve been there for years (which is a good thing).  It has been exciting to learn new things and to build new relationships.  It still feels weird having people report to me and be the first source of problem solving.  I typically like to work in the background but this new position does not allow me to.  As I reflect over this past month, I can honestly say that I am proud of myself for taking this faith walk.  I am enjoying being stretch.  I know this is the stepping stone for something greater to come.  I have my first office meeting tomorrow.  This should prove to be quite interesting for all involved. Maybe that’s why I am feeling nostalgic today. And it’s kinda of ironic that my first staff meeting happens on day 30th of the new job.  In a nutshell, the picture says it all: I LOVE MY JOB!


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