Mellow Mondays: My Village

I woke up yesterday thinking my day would be super easy. Dinner with friends. Sorority meeting. Wash. Prep for Monday morning. Well my plans changed quickly.  While I was sitting in my sorority meeting, I received a text about my ex co-worker who was having heart problems. This was a scary to read because she’s already had one hospital stay due to heart problems. Not fifteen minutes later, one my sorority sisters (we use to work together as well) had to leave our meeting because her husband was being rushed to the hospital for heart problems as well. 

By now my mind is racing and I am trying to concentrate on the matters being discussed at the meeting. Once the meeting is over, we all rush to the hospital to receive updates on everyone.  My natural reaction to stressful situations is laughter. I will sit and make jokes to keep my nerves at bay. And make jokes is exactly what I did.  

While we were waiting I said a prayer for my village. It is amazing to have friends and it is also amazing to be a friend to others. We can’t take these relationships for granted. Some people have no one they can physically call on. There was another village in the waiting room with us. You can tell by their facial expressions that their situation was very serious. They took a moment to prayer and we joined in with them.

All reports coming in are good. No major set backs. I write this blog today to remind myself to be a good friend, to surround myself with people who will be a good friend to me, and thank my village (near and far) for their consistent love and support. 

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