Havana Sundaes: Legacy

This week’s challenge was to write about what inspires us.  My answer is simple.  My legacy is my inspiration.  When I’m exhausted and disheartened with the world in general I think of what I’m leaving behind for the generations to come.  Is it enough? Did I inspire them enough to take it further?  My grandparents did not finish grade school, but their children did.  My parents did not graduate college but in 2008 I became the first grandchild to walk across the stage with my ASN.  In 2013 I became the first to obtain my BSN.  I didn’t have to.  My family was already proud but I wanted to be better, do better, inspire excellence in my young nephew.  He will go further because I invested in him, aspired to teach him the legacy of my grandfather.  Everything worth doing is to be done with a spirit of excellence.

Now I have my daughter to shape and mold into someone better, more educated, and greater than even my wildest dreams can create for her. This ideology wakes me up and lays me down.  This ideology is what gives me that final push regardless of how exhausted I am.  Not just to inspire my daughter, nephews, and cousins but even those children I’ve yet to meet.  It doesn’t matter, someone is watching, someone is learning, and someone WILL change the world everyday with either their loving kindness or their bitter hate. Which do you nurture and grow every day?  What is YOUR legacy?


-L.M. Carbonell

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