Who are these people in this picture?  They are the Reverend Willie Gwyn and his faithful wife of 62 years and dedicated mother of nine children, Mrs. Wilmotine Brown Gwyn.  This couple IS my motivation and so much more.  They are my parents.  Some people would expect me to say ‘were my parents’ but even though they are no longer with me physically, they are STILL my parents. That will never end.

My parents loved people, especially children.  I am number eight in the line of nine children so clearly, they loved children.  My father was a fulltime teacher and full time Pastor.  He eventually went back to college to get his Masters degree in Career Guidance and Counseling and became the first African American Counselor at a school that was predominately white.  He made the long trip every summer to Fort Valley in order to obtain his degree.  He was determined to provide for us and he accomplished that beyond measure.  My mother, who was a Psychology major, ended her college career at the beginning of her senior year. She did this to marry the one who would become the love of her life.  It was not until I had already graduated from college and was in the working world that I discovered my mother chose to give up her collegiate dream in order to become  a wife and mother.  I wish that I would have known this earlier.  I think that this information would have helped me to relate to her a little better. See, I loved my mother but I was not a ‘girly girl’ like she was.  I was a tomboy and wanted to be out among the people like my father.  Meeting people and learning things like him.  I know now that what my mother was doing was just as important, if not more so.  She was teaching me how to be a decent human being.  This knowledge that she was striving to impart taught me that all the money in the world can never buy you a ‘good character’.

There were days when money was limited and yet my parents trusted God and He provided.  We were considered to be financially poor but we were rich in love.  We were blessed by so many people because my parents were people of integrity.  For this reason and so many others, they are my motivation and so much more.  Because of them, I know that it is my Heavenly Father who keeps me and allows me to accomplish what I must on a daily basis.  Because of them, I can take care of the medical necessities for my husband.  Because of them, I can encourage my son to walk the right road and love him all the more when he chooses not to listen.  Because of them, I can go to a job that is physically taxing but provides me with the resources to bless others.  Because of them, I have a home.  Because of them I know what love is. Because of them, I know what it means to be humble.  Because of them, I know what it means to be GRATEFUL!!!  This is why my parents, who are now with our Heavenly Father, are my motivation and so much more.

Have a Fabulous Funkadelic Friday!!!

~~~Malinda Gwyn~~~


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