Therapeutic Tuesday: Motivation

I’m probably not the best person to be writing about motivation. There are many things in my life that Iu should be motivated to do, but I just can’t find it. Like exercising. I need to do it, but I’m not motivated because I’m tired. I’m tired because I don’t exercise. Thus the evil cycle continues…and so does my waist line. Ugh! Hasn’t anyone invented the magic weight-loss pill yet?

So what motivates me? What keeps me going? I want better for my children. I don’t want my issues to become their issues. I want them to have every possibility for success. I want them to know God better than I do. I want them to love others in ways that it has taken all of my life to do. I want them to be better. I know that answer feels like such a stock response, but I look at my four children and just see so much for this world in them. I see so much of God in them. They have a purpose. I have to help them steward that purpose, and so it motivates me. It makes me push hard in some areas. It makes me tough on them in other areas. It makes me softer on them in still other areas. I just want their lives to be consumed by God, and then poured out as a blessing to all that they meet.

I’m motivated by this sense that my life isn’t over, and there are things that i really want to accomplish. I want to record an album. I want to write a book. I want to take my wife on a trip around the world. I want to be the best worship leader that I can be. I want to live a life that inspires. I want the dreams of God within me to come out and manifest in the earth. I want to establish His kingdom wherever I walk.

I’m motivated by the sense within me that there is greater out there. I want to live to see it. While some of that starts with me exercising, most of it begins with me having the heart to cause those things to happen.

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