Say What?!? Saturday: That was then but this is now Part 1

Note: Over the years I’ve had numerous blogs. I’m what you may call a blog serialist (did I just make that word up?) I thought it would be interesting to go back to a point in time and see how far, or not, I may have come. Part 2, the update, soon come…

April 20, 2009

*wavy flashblack lines* Picture it, At.lan.ta 2002,  I wandered around aimlessly not realizing I was naive freshmeatmen..wait…sorry, I’ve been watching too much Golden Girls *weeknights starting at midnight on the Hall.mark Channel*


I’m entering into my last week here in undergrad. And I don’t really have any fluffy words other than, I’ll miss some of my coworkers. Other than that, I’m ready to go.

This has been a long journey. August 2002 to May 2009 (Gottabemo’careful!). I’ve struggled with financial aid, stood in line for free food, attended fairs and lectures. My collegiate career could have been much more than it was but what’s done is done.

I have grown tremendously throughout this experience and look forward to more growth as I enter this next phase in life.

Mi madre broke it down for me this weekend as I wandered around the kitchen wailing  ‘what am I going to DOOOOOOOOOOOOOO with my life????’ *insert hand to forehead and fainting*

She told me “the possibilities are endless. Get out there and try different things. You may look at my resume and say ‘well mom has had too many jobs’ but those experiences have helped me be great in my career today.”

So I’m going to go forward and see what the possibilities hold. I may want to become a homeowner in the next two years b/c I have good credit (although qualifying is hard these days..anywho). The possibilities  really are limitless because I don’t have a husband or kids..hell, I don’t even have a boyfriend *deep sigh on that one but one day*

I do want to establish my independence though and being 25yr old and living at home is not quite doing it for me. Granted, I’d be a roommate since I’d be paying half the bills, but I don’t know how my mother would shift roles from ‘parent’ to roommate. I think it would be difficult for both of us. Shoot, just two weeks ago, I was uncomfortable bringing in a left over 6 pack of Smirnoff I’d bought for a gathering. *smh and sighing*

How did I get on that subject? Don’t know but it’s depressing me, so back to endless possibility. So yeah. I’mma jump off the cliff of security and hope I don’t slam head first  into any pointy rocks *blinking*



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