FUNKADELIC FRIDAYS: We KNOW The Answers To The Question

framed question mark

WHY?  Why is it that almost EVERY DAY we view through social media that someone has killed someone else?  Why is it that almost EVERY DAY we view through social media that a law enforcement officer has killed a person they are charged to protect?  Why is it that almost EVERY DAY we view through social media someone inflicts pain on another human being without hesitation or reservation?  The answers are fear and hate.

We create points of reference based on our past experiences.  If a person grows up in an environment where no other ethnicity is present,  when they encounter a person of a different ethnicity, fear may grip them and hate is born simply because they are being exposed to something that they can’t relate to.  It is not a part of their point of reference.

If a person is former military  and has  recently returned from a war zone, having been exposed to brutal fighting and indiscriminant killing, certain situations may trigger a violent response, killing someone without question or reservation.  PTSD is real.

If you read closely, you will observe that I have not specified any ethnicity.  Fear and hate are not exclusive to any particular ethnicity.  If a human being is afraid he or she will lash out at anything unfamiliar or uncomfortable.  This is why it is so crucial to teach our children how to relate to others different from what they are use to.  It is also crucial to DEPROGRAM former military and train them properly to work in the civilian world.  Some people can make the transition and some, as we have seen, could not make the cut.

Fear and hate equals death.  This deadly combination can be traced back through time.  I believe, however, the only solution to this tragic problem is to attempt to convert and convince people to change one person at a time by changing their point of reference.

~~~Malinda Gwyn~~~


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