Therapeutic Tuesday: Don’t Wait for Destiny

A couple of weeks ago, one of my colleagues here at TWA, Coletta Patterson, posted a blog entitled “Be The Change That You Want to See“. In it, she talked about the power of being an agent of change within your sphere of influence. I loved that article, because I believe this to be  true as well. I’m one of those people who tends to wait. I like to wait on what I consider the optimal circumstances, however, as I get older, I am beginning to see the purpose in not waiting for destiny to manifest itself, but rather to just do something. ANYTHING.

Give high-fives to random strangers.


Let kindness radiate from your countenance.

We can’t let our thirst for the right destiny, or purpose, keep us in an orbit away from everyone else. It is time to seize destiny by the horns and create the kind of world that we need to see. Each one reach one.

The power to change and shape the future rests not only with the next generation. We have to be the tone-setters. It starts with us.


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