Mellow Mondays: The TWA Remix

Our challenge this week is to remix one our fellow writers post.  One title post that stuck out to me for this challenge was Malinda Gwyn’s Funkadelic Friday: Getting My Mind Right.  In this post, Malinda spoke about how she uses music to prepare her mind for her work day.  I found this post intriguing because I was speaking to my friend the other day how I need to take a moment to myself and get my mind right.  Often times we find ourselves in situations where you have people information overload.  While knowing your peers is a good thing, knowing too much can cloud your judgement and perspective.  That is the head space that I am in right now.  I need to take a moment to un-cloud my lens. I need to take a moment to clear my mind.  I need to clear my mind so I can create my opinions about people.  One thing I want to ensure is I form my opinions about people based off my personal interactions.  I cannot allow other people’s interactions to shape my thoughts.

It is so important that one stays center and focused when building new relationships with people.  We have to be a clean slate in order to form solid opinions.  So I have to take a moment to clear my mind.  To find a moment to quiet all the chatter and listen to that still voice that will lead me in the right direction.  In nutshell I need to work on my discernment.


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