Therapeutic Tuesday: If I Could

The Eric Clapton song, “Change the World”, is a timeless masterpiece. His haunting vocals in the track just really imprinted it into my psyche from the first moment that I ever heard it, and so when our fearless leader tasked us with blogging about changing the world this week, it took me some time to chew on what I wanted to write.

I think of my children with a prompt like this, but by the same means, I also think of myself. It may sound selfish, but I want to change the world for myself as much as for the kids because I still have to live here. I’m not yet ready to relinquish my place here, and so if there is any change to happen in the world, it has to benefit me and others like me, who love life!

I also think about my students and a project that we are working on now. They are in the process of creating their own Utopias. I tasked them with the awesome job of creating a world of perfection, based on the way that they see perfection, and how they can compromise those views in groups of four, because adding people to the equation makes the task much more difficult. Defining perfection and deciding how to best achieve it is a harrowing prospect. In reality, I struggle with this concept. Sometimes I feel like a traitor to my race because I don’t share some of the same views, or I feel differently about how to remedy them. I don’t talk about politics because I don’t wish to offend anyone, and I don’t read stuff on Facebook because I don’t want to harbor offenses.

If I could change the world, there would be a rule against posting in the heat of the moment. Facebook would ask us all 50 million times if we really want to post what we have just typed. Hopefully, in that time, cooler heads would prevail. Now, this might not change the world, but then again, it might, because then I wouldn’t have to listen to people define others by political beliefs, or religious beliefs because I refuse to believe that an affiliation makes a person inherently stupid or evil. I also agree with Kap’s stance on America, but not so much about how he is going about it, but if you asked me of a better way, I couldn’t tell you. With change brings conflict.

So if I could change the world, conflict management would be an essential educational objective. Everyone would major in debate. We need to learn how to argue objectively. It is a lost art, one which I don’t have in my own toolbox. However, now I’m just rambling.

Lastly, if I could change the world, random dance parties would be the norm. Those moments are light and take us back to the innocence of youth, when nothing mattered but ice cream, jump ropes, and sports in the street on waning summer days.


Or maybe I’m just some wacky idealist. hmmm.

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