Therapeutic Tuesday: Walk into Your Season

Donald Lawrence once wrote a song called “Seasons”. I loved it because it spoke about the fact that we all are in some kind of season. Ecclesiastes says the same thing, that there is a season, or time, for everything in the earth. What is wondrous about God, is that we can truly see in this that what Hebrews 11 says about the earth is true, that all things which are seen were created from things that were unseen. We see seasons on earth, usually 4 unless you live in the South, where there is just Hot, and HOTTER! Everywhere else, though, we see Winter, Fall, Spring, and Summer. That is just the normal progression. We are always in a season. We are either starting one, in the middle of one or transitioning out of one. In life, the same thing happens. Many times, we can’t truly decipher the season that we are in because we take our cues from the wrong things. We can’t look inward and see leaves changing colors to know that we are leaving Summer and heading into Fall. We can’t automatically assume that the winters of our lives mean that things will be stagnant or dead.

What we can trust, though, is that in every season, God is working in our lives. It is that assurance that provides an anchor to keep us grounded no matter what is going on around us. Even if that dream has not come to pass yet, it just means that the season for it has not come around, not that God has said no. Or maybe that idea that keeps coming to your mind every day is an indicator that you are moving into a season of action. We have to find the signs and pray for clarity. I don’t believe that God would have any of us to be ignorant of our seasons, but I also believe that he keeps the totality of some seasons from our understanding to keep us from going overboard. Simply, He wants us to trust Him to accomplish His purposes in the earth through us, regardless of the season that we find ourselves in.

Walk into your season. Run with purpose. Trust completely.

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