Say What!?! Saturday: Relaxation

It’s the end of the work day. You’ve made it safely home through insane traffic. You walk through the door and what do you do? 
I take off my bra and let an audible sigh. Freedom. Ladies, you know what Im talking about. Men, believe me, it’s THE best feeling after a long day of entrapment.
But in all seriousness, how do you let go of the stress from the day? Im an internalizer. I will carry it all inside until Im ready to burst. This is not healthy. I truly believe that chronic stress and worry lead to major illness. So if cognitively I know this, why cant I get my body to get its “frozen” on? I dont have an answer but all I can do is try right? 

Back in college, I discovered Tai Chi. Yes, the little old ladies Tai Chi. It’s basically moving meditation and it kept me sane. I took a 8 or 12 week class (there goes my memory lol) to learn the 24 forms. Zen was my name! Couldnt rattle me.

Fast forward and I got busy with work, family and friends. I didnt slow down to practice and my perspective became whack. I worked a job that gave me chronic heartburn and other health issues. Why do we push self care to the back burner? 

Im currently reacquainting myself with this concept of self care. I found an african american woman who teaches tai chi which is important to me. And yes Ive missed a class or two but Im also learning to be gentle with myself. No guilt. Because who needs guilt on top of stress but I digress. 

Another stress reliever for me besides tai chi is adult coloring. Yep, no shame. I whip out my mandalas and markers and turn my thinking brain off and feel the colors. Feel the rhythimic stroke of pen, marker, crayon or whatever meduim I choose caress the paper. Enjoy a simpler time. 

I encourage everyone to find that thing that brings them peace and tranquility. Do I always get it right? No. Sometimes I just need a cheeseburger & fries, glass of wine and mindless tv. Lol

So tell me, how do you de-stress?


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