Therapeutic Tuesdays: Hope Dealing

At our back to school meeting, our Superintendents came with a message of hope. It was not a message of hope in where the world is, and there the world is headed. Rather, it was a message of hope for what we could do for our students and in our district as the year opened. It was one of the most inspiring opening day messages ever, in my opinion. It also coincided with a series of messages by a friend of mine at his church. Hope. Where is our hope? Has it been replaced by cynicism?

Is our hope in Hillary or Donald? That is a lose-lose proposition. Is our hope in our finances? Mine are a mess, so no. Is our hope in parents of students? Maybe? but no. From where I sit this morning, my hope is in a couple of  things:

God- the creator of all things. The HOPE bringer and Hoper giver. The one who supplies every need according to His riches, and His purpose for us in the earth. He is the one who had a dream called US, and sent us into the world to fulfill it.

Myself- specifically, my belief for, and in, students. My willingness to love them, and believe that the greatness that they have within them is the greatness that the world needs to see in order for it to become great again. My willingness to go into the trenches for them.

Where is your hope this morning? In a world where darkness is becoming the best option. what are we willing to do to show that there is still light in the world? For my part, I choose to become a Hopedealer. Where people see darkness, I choose to see light. Where they see despair, I choose to speak joy. Where they see discomfort, I choose to see peace, because my hope is not rooted in anything born of this world. My hope is in the future spoken of in the Bible, where TRUTH, HOPE, LIFE, and LOVE win in the end, through the person of Christ.

So you might catch me on the corner

Slinging hope like pancakes

Or maybe in my classroom

Teaching hope to great lengths.

Maybe in the pulpit, singing Hope

With all that I am,

Or maybe silently praying

That Hope helps me make a stand.

No matter where I go,

No matter how life keeps stealing,

I choose on this day

To be about my hope dealing!

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