Mellow Mondays: Creating A Relaxing State of Mind


How often do you enjoy relax?  Is it everyday?  On the weekends only?  Once a month? We live in a society where we are consistently on the go.  And many times we forget to take a moment to ourselves to rejuvenate and refocus.  Our fearless leader asked us to share how we relax.  My mood determines how I choose to relax.  When I need to be in my own head space, I opt for a massage.  Now I love finding hidden gems for my massages.  And trust me I have found one in my girl Heather (shameless plug).  She is super awesome and work out of a small building that is so relaxing and tucked away in the mountains.  I take nothing away from chain massage parlors but I have come to love the local places and supporting local massage therapists.

Another way I like to relax is hanging out with friends. There is nothing more enjoyable than firing up the grill, turning on some old school R & B, and sitting around talking and laughing. I have one friend who moved away from me and took her “crack” couch (she shall remain nameless).  I tell you that couch would hug you like Big Momma did.   I understand the importance of being alone at times. It is important to stay connected to people.  But I have learned not to do this often because my thoughts can drift into the wrong direction.

Make sure you take time this week to relax.  Trust me your body, mind and soul will thank you!



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