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If someone came to me informing me that I inherited 2 million dollars and had the freedom to launch into a full time writing career one year from that day, I would probably be skeptical.  To be honest, I would probably think it was a scam.  Just being honest.  I do not know ANYONE with that kind of money who would EVER leave me something of that magnitude.  Now, if you are being honest, you know good and well that if this happened to you, MOST of you would be skeptical simply because of the world that we live in.  We have become paranoid and suspicious of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE when it comes to “no strings attached” opportunities.  ‘What’s the catch?’ is what many of us would ask.

Now . . . for the sake of whimsy, should this UNBELIEVABLE opportunity present itself,  I would go back to school to improve the technical side of my craft.  Grammar classes, creative writing classes, publishing classes, etc.  Anything and EVERYTHING that would make me a better writer, I would take and these funds would pay for the classes.  I would also attend ALL kinds of related workshops and conventions around the world in order to network and expose my writing  wherever the opportunity presents itself.  Traveling to various places for “inspiration” would DEFINETLY be on that agenda

The other difficult piece of this would be to put the money toward a writing career.  I  immediately think of bills when “extra” money comes in.  As parents, we think of what our children would need.  As a spouse we think about the bills and trying to stay ahead or break even.

So, yes, for the sake of ‘whimsy’ these are thing things I would do should such an UNBELIEVABLE opportunity present itself.

~~~Malinda Gwyn~~~

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