Mellow Mondays: An Unexpected Opportunity

Our fearless leader offered up this new challenge this week.  Below is the challenge:

CHALLENGE: Someone comes to you with a certified letter that says one year from today you will inherit $2 Million and the freedom to launch into a full time writing career. What steps would you take to form your plan to begin working as a full time writer one year from today?

Everyone knows by now that I am writing because Marta challenged me.  Really don’t consider myself a writer, but I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts and reading the thoughts of my fellow authors in TheWRITEadditction (who are awesome by the way).

Let’s get back to the challenge.  I’m sure I would receive the letter late because I don’t check my mail often.  Once the initial shock wore off and I verified that the letter is indeed true, the first thing I am doing is kicking Sallie Mae’s butt to the curb (oops I forgot she has a new name – Navient).  Afterwards, I am getting rid of my credit card debt, setting up a nice nest egg, giving the parental units a few coins, taking my first mission trip and working with an agency that focus on young ladies.

If I had the opportunity to write full time my focus would be on teenage and college age young ladies.  I know growing up I longed to have some people in my life who would be open and honest with me and not judgmental.  It is amazing how times have changed and all things young people struggle with.  I would love to write to young ladies telling them:

  • You will get over the first heartbreak
  • You are more than worthy
  • Put yourself first
  • Go for the Gold
  • Keep God in the forefront of your life
  • You will lose some friends along the way
  • Your parents will always have your best interest in mind
  • Enjoy life

There are so many topics I could expound on, so much that can be offered up to help guide young ladies into the right direction. It truly would be a blessing to take a blessing I received to help someone else.


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