Putting in Work for all this #blackgirlmagic

These images make me smile so much. It’s wonderful to see the hard work of these women recognized on a global stage. 

All athletes who make it to this level put in work to get here, so all deserve to be recognized. 

Having grown up alongside several athletes who have made it to the world stage several times, I can tell you that the level of dedication these athletes have is extreme and awesome.

I choose to highlight these particular women today for a special salute because despite their work and worthiness for being recognized for their achievements there are some who actively choose to be disrespectful in ways that we should be past in our society. 

These women are fantastic athletes period. These women will continue to be points of inspiration for people everywhere and that is a good thing. 

For the former track girl inside me who still remembers the weight of her shot put and the feel of her discus and the rush of launching out of her block for the 4 by 100, I thank these women for their hard work and dedication. It is truly a blessing to see them and smile.

~Marta C. Youngblood

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