Transformative Thursdays: Use Your Turbo

A few days ago, I saw the movie “Turbo”.  It was about a snail who had the dream of racing at the Indy 500 with race cars.  In a freak accident, he ends up getting super speed power and decides to compete at the race.  As the ultimate underdog, he faces his fear and uses his power to win the race.  During the race, he hits walls and is almost outdone by his fierce competitor who tries to outsmart him.  In the final lap of the race, Turbo is badly injured and loses his super speed shell.  At that point, he almost quits because he doesn’t think he can win without his power.  With the encouragement of his friends, he crawls to the finish and beats his competitor.

I love the lesson in this movie that anyone, even an underdog, can win.  It takes facing your fears and believing in yourself.  I also believe that we all have “turbo power” inside of us—it’s called the Holy Spirit which leads us into all truth.  If you tap into that power, you can get through any obstacle and win.   We are never left alone.  We are never left powerless.  We are only limited by what we think.  We have the power within us to face every fear and win!  What are you waiting for?

~Coletta Jones Patterson

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