joy in the morning

Professor Clanton stands in front of the class:

“Good morning class.  Today we are going to begin our group session by hearing from you.  I need you to think carefully and when you are ready, share with us what your definition of success is.  You have 5 minutes to formulate your response.”

Nathalie leans toward Sara:

“Sara. Since you caught your man, I already know what your answer is going to be.”

Sara quips back:

“Girl hush.  I don’t consider that success.  That is still a work in progress.  Seriously though.  The answers should be pretty revealing about the kind of folks in this group.  What do you think?”

“I must admit that I am pretty interested as to what some of them will say.  A few in this class don’t impress me to be too bright.  Look as Marcellus over there.  Girl, all he wants are digits and booty and he will count that as success.”

Professor Clanton speaks:

Alright class.  Times up.  Let’s begin. Who will go first?  Anyone?  Marcellus.  Okay.  What is your definition of success? ”

“Well, some of you think that all I am about is booty and digits and part of that is true.  I still want your number Sara.”

“Marcellus.  Focus.  What is your definition?

“I am majoring in business and I want to open a desert café.  I’m gonna call it ‘Ice Cream, Cake, and Other Sweet Things.’  Y’all know y’all gone come.”

“Okay young  man.  Unexpected but very impressive.  Who is next?  Nathalie.  How about you?”

“I believe that I will be successful when I open my wine and cheese party paint boutique.  People can come and paint, drink, eat, and I can get paid!!!!  HEY!!!”

“Alright.  Alright.  Settle down.  Sounds doable and very unique.  What about you Sara?  What is your definition of success?”

“Waking to see another day.  I am a cancer survivor and each morning that I wake is a success because I purpose in my spirit that I will live and not die. To me success is seeing my son grow up to become a fine young man and a positive contributor to this world.  I have accomplished that.  To me,  being successful  is not about obtaining stuff but making the most of each moment by making it to the next moment. That might not be the answer you all expected but that is being successful to me.”

“Cool and very deep Sara.  Okay class. Make your way over to your computers.  You will need to research your next topic.”

~~~Malinda Gwyn~~~








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