Mellow Mondays: Success

How do you define success? Sounds like a pretty easy question to answer. How is success measured? Another easy answer, right? Wrong.

I closed my Facebook app when I saw the challenge for this week. Why? Because I constantly struggle with how to answer this question. What metrics do I use to say I am successful. Is it a fancy job title? Don’t have that. Is it a nice car and big house? Not one in my name. Is it unlimited funds in the bank? Bank of America says no. 
I was home this weekend to see my cousin get married. I spoke about this wedding in My Season of Singleness post. It’s always interesting to be around family. There are always some characters and some craziness that will occur. While I was home I had the opportunity to observe my aunts and uncles personalities. I realized how much of an influence they have had on me. My mama hen tendencies, the jokester in me, the one who never wants to throw anything away, and the one who can sleep away. 

Now back to the question. What is success? As I driving back to Arkansas pondering this question and the answer that came was success is being my authentic self. So I am successful when I can have a small influence on someone throughout the day. Whether I am making jokes, asking someone how their day is going, just being quiet, or having some random item in my car that someone needs.

I am successful everyday when I chose to be an authentic Neikeita. 


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