Mellow Mondays: Are You Missing the Moment?

This past weekend I had an opportunity to see Maxwell and Fantasia in concert (thanks to my friend for the post birthday celebration).  If you are a true music fan you know these two artists endeavor to put on a GREAT live performance.  As I preparing to take picture, I noticed that everyone in the crowd had their camera phones out.  As I took the shot I realized I was missing the moment trying to capture a moment.  After taking the picture I decided to put my phone down and truly engage in the concert.  Maxwell said good night about 50 times but just kept on singing.

Have you every asked yourself if you were missing the moment?  Can you recall every major highlight of a concert or play that cause you to have goosebumps?  Somehow we have become condition to share every aspect of our lives via social media.  We are so engrossed in getting the correct shot that we miss the emotions we receive by just being there.  Now I am all for capturing memories but not at the expense of missing out on the experience.

We have to learn to how to re-engage ourselves in the moment.  Whether it’s at a concert, play, or dinner table, let’s take time to be there and truly enjoy ourselves.

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