Mellow Mondays: Just Keep On Living

Our challenge this week is to write about a statement that has a profound meaning to you. The statement for me is “Just Keep On Living”.  I can’t recall the number of times this statement was said from my grandmothers.  Growing up, I had no idea what this statement meant.  I would sneak and listen to the grown people talk and sure enough “just keep on living” would be spoken (if you grew up in the south you know children are not suppose to be around grown people conversations).  As I matured I understood what this statement. As long as there is breathe in your body you will experience:

  • Heartbreak – just keep on living
  • Trails and tribulations – just keep on living
  • History repeating itself – just keep on living
  • The blowout argument – just keep on living
  • The not having enough money in the bank  – just keep on living
  • Not getting the dream job – just keep on living
  • Not getting the guy – just keep on living
  • and so on and so on…….

This list can truly go on forever but what I have learned or am learning that there is nothing new under the sun.  The ONE we serve already knows life is going to hit you in some shape, form, or fashion. Our task is to “just keep on living” and focus on HIM.  The rest of journey is just used to make the canvas of life even prettier.

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