Mellow Mondays:  Accepting Help

One area of my life that I struggle with is accepting help. Now I am the first to be of assistance to someone else but when the situation is in the reverse, I have a hard time asking for help. I get the overwhelming feeling that I am being a burden so I tend to stay quiet. I will figure out how to correct the problem myself. Today I had several people offer their assistance because my car wouldn’t start (I don’t know why she was acting up). My neighbor had to remind me that it’s okay to accept help. We have to allow people to be a blessings to other. Now my neighbor wanted to move my car herself in order to give me a jump. Now I wasn’t having any of that. One she was an older lady  (with a lot of energy), two she obviously had plans so I didn’t want to bother her, and three she wasn’t about to hurt herself trying to help me (I couldn’t have that on my conscience). Well my car started and I made it to the autozone where poor Mr Curtis spent an hour trying to get a bad battery out. 

Well me and the white car are back and I’ve learned that I have people around me that want to be a blessings. It will take some time but I will endeavor not to a hindrance who want to be a blessing to me. I will accept help. 

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