Mellow Mondays: My Aha Moment

Our leader has issued us a new challenge this week.  Each writer has to pick a topic for another writer to speak on.  This week I was challenged to write about an “aha” moment and how it changed my life.  Thank you Marta for always striving for us to write outside the box and Coletta for the topic.

My father is a man of very few words but of great action.  I didn’t quite understand this description of him until a chance encounter with my grandmother.  I had my fair share of self absorbed moments as a teenager. I am my father’s only daughter so I often did not hear the word “no” when I asked for something.  Well I heard the word “no” and was not a happy camper (I honestly don’t remember what I was asking for).  I went on the longest rant about how my father doesn’t love me and I don’t hear the words often.  My grandmother let me have my moment.   Once I was done she walked me into my bedroom to show me all the “stuff” my father had purchased for me over the years.  On this day after been told off on in every way imaginable, I learned that words mean nothing with actions.  I learned while my father was not one to say “I love you” often, he showed it in every way possible.  He continuously worked (3 jobs at one time) to ensure I had everything I needed and all that my heart desired.

That moment taught me the importance of showing people what my words mean.  I endeavor in life not to offer lip service to anyone.  Your words mean nothing if you actions don’t line up with what you say.  I have learned that being consistent with your actions in conjunction with your words is important to all your relationships. Being inconsistent in your actions causes death to the relationships.  And those inconsistencies can cause damages that are not so easily fixed.




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