FUNKADELIC FRIDAY: The Summer of Daddy and Orange Crush Soda


Orange crush in glass bottle

The challenge for this week is to write about a cherished childhood memory.  I have so many fond memories as a child but alas, I must pick one.  Well, here is the one I selected.

My father was a man of many talents.  He was a father of nine children, husband to one lovely woman, Public High School Career Guidance Counselor, former Math Teacher, Savannah State College (now university) Upward Bound originator, and Minister of the Gospel of Christ.  Dad would also work as a guidance counselor during the summer at Pearl Lee Smith Elementary School. One summer, I had the good fortune to be a participant.  It was a magical time.  Our teachers always had something fun and creative for us to do.  There was NEVER a dull moment.  None of this, however, is the “cherished childhood memory.”

Most students had to eat the school lunch in the school’s cafeteria.  Not me.  I had a special date EVERY day for lunch.  My father would take his lunch break the same time my class did.  He would come over to my class and take me to his office.  On the way to his office was a soda machine.  In that machine was the most refreshing drink in life. . . Orange Crush Soda!!!  Three times per week, Dad and I would stop by the soda machine, purchase an Orange Crush Soda, split it in our paper Dixie cups as we ate our delicious lunches that my mother, his wife, lovingly prepared for us each morning.

The part of this memory that falls under the umbrella of being a cherished one is the time that my father spent with me each day.  He could have said that he had  lot of work to do and no time to spend with me even though we were in the same building.  He chose to spend that time talking with me, listening to my thoughts, and showing the love that a real father has for his child.  This is such a rare thing to witness in this day and time.  If you are a father, take some time out of your schedule to share time with your child.  They will cherish that memory for life.

Have a fabulous Funkadelic Friday!!!

~~Malinda Gwyn~~

One thought on “FUNKADELIC FRIDAY: The Summer of Daddy and Orange Crush Soda

  1. As having just celebrated Father’s Day, I thought this was a very touching thought. It shows the importance of being a father and that the little things in life, mean so much. It is not what presents you by for your children that mean the most. It is spending time talking sharing experiences and creating memories that has the longest lasting effects.

    There is a commercial out now that talks about the “Haves” and the “Have Dones” and how the “Have Dones” collect memories of what they have done not just collecting stuff. Memories are what are the most important.

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