Transformative Thursdays: Here’s To Summer!

The other day, I was driving to work with the kids and giving them a run down of events for the week.  I told them they had art camp coming up.  To my surprise, they both said, “Oh mom, why do we have another camp?  I don’t want to do art all day.”  I immediately wanted to give them a lecture on how ungrateful they were and how other kids would love to be a part of something special and different and on and on.  However, I decided not to say anything.  It gave me a chance as a parent to think about whether adding one more camp to the summer schedule was a good one.  Yes, it was one of the four camps they would be participating in this summer, but it’s also a wonderful learning experience that summer camps are great in offering—meeting new friends, learning new skills, exposure to new experiences, doing something productive and adding to their portfolio.

Although it might make for a somewhat busy summer, what else do they have to do in the summer?  Camps break up the monotony of reading books, working on math problems and practicing cursive writing.  I think they should be glad to attend an art camp.

Of course, there’s a fine balance between activities, down time, learning and camps.  That’s the decision every parent has to make.  Many times, we allow our children to decide what’s best for them but they are incapable of making wise decisions most times, especially before they are teenagers.  Until they are able to make those decisions for themselves, we have to make those decisions for them.

Summer gives us a chance to evaluate our schedules, priorities, activities and get refreshed for a new school year!  Here’s to summer and new adventures!

~Coletta Jones Patterson

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