Mellow Mondays: A Short Story

Our leader has challenged us to write a short story.  Now I didn’t complete the illustration. Drawing is not my ministry and what I was going for was not working.  Sorry Marta maybe next time 🙂

Challenge:  Describe the family of a clever hunter who is looking for a unicorn’s horn


Now it was always the tradition of the Mitchell family to go on wild treasure hunts in the summer. Shay was not looking forward to this adventure because to her it was always a waste of time and nothing was ever found.  But she understood it was the tradition of her great grandfather, Red, to seek out the oddest of things.  As the family has told in the past, Papa Red has been on a search for a golden egg, leprechauns, and the Lock Ness monster (whatever that is).  School is out and Shay’s father, RJ, has announced that our adventure will involved finding a unicorn’s horn.  Shay looks at her father as though he has lost his mind.  A unicorn’s horn!! What place will this venture take us now she wonders.  But she has to admit this has been by far the best “hunting” item to find in her family’s long tradition of hunting. As the family was meeting (mom, dad and 2 annoying little brothers), Papa Red came up with of unicorn coming to us.  Everyone looks at him as though he has lost his mind.  The town rumor mill states that Mr. Johnson has these exotic animals on his farms that no one get to see.  RJ and Papa Red decided to throw a medieval carnival in the neighborhood for all the kids.  No one will say no to the kids right?  The carnival only took two weeks to plan and the support from the neighborhood was overwhelming.  Everyone volunteered something.  Now are you wondering if the unicorn made an appearance.  I will tell you this.  I can’t want for the next family “hunter” experience with family.


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