Sundays with Stassi: Do you LOVE you?

Eat & Move – I used to have this idea that if I loved myself then I loved my body just the way it is now, so I could eat what I wanted and exercise if I felt like it because I loved me. However, as I come to learn more during his healthy living journey, if I truly LOVE myself then I will eat what provides my body nourishment while taking advantage of every opportunity to move! Eat to live while living to eat! Be adventurous and DO new activities! Besides healthy food does taste good, I actually LOVE my veggies, AND exercise IS Fun!
Speak & Act – Likewise, over the years I have learned that what comes out of my mouth is just as important as my actions. That whole “do as I say not as I do” phrase is completely meaningless. I understand that people, particularly my students, family & friends, and youth in church, are always watching what I do and listening to what I say. Not to judge or condemn me, but to learn from me. It is a pleasure to serve as a role model for others as I continue to strive to be my best self.
Loving Me,

Stassi Nicole

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