Mellow Mondays: Kids Say the Darndest Thing


Our fearless leader has issued us another challenge. This week we get to focus on the kiddos. Now we are are to write about the crazy things kids have said to us. Now I was thinking hard about this question and couldn’t think of anything. I think kids perceive me as crazy. Must be the Mississippi in me. But I do recall a time when a kid as why my last name was different from my mom and dad. Now this has been my norm all my life and I found the question odd. This was the first time I had to explain to a child what a blended family was. And let me tell you the words did not come easily. And the subsequent questions that followed…..😥😥.

It’s interesting having conversation with the kids. They retain everything that you say. It’s awesome to be in their midst and it’s even more awesome when something you’ve said sticks with them. I got to experience this very moment Sunday. I teach Children’s Church, grades 3th and 4th. We talked about Cain and Abel and how anger and jealousy cause one to sin against God and his brother. Now the kids were all the way live and I swear I thought no one was listening. We get to the moment where snacks are passed out and I turn around and see my kids writing the lesson recap on the board. Now we have work on spelling but my heart swelled with pride.


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