Ask Dr. Marta Weekly – June 4



Grandma’s quilt told stories of family and love as she stitched one quilt square to another taken from pieces of clothing each member held dear. But what happens when Grandma takes sick and can’t work on the quilt any more? Tanya’s got an idea!
WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK: Quilts literally take the fabrics of our lives and mold them into memorable tapestries that reflect our beliefs, history and culture. Grandma is determined to create such a masterpiece for her family and sets about collecting scraps from personal family items of clothing. Her efforts run smoothly until illness overtakes her and forces the quilting effort to cease. I appreciate the strong sense of caring and concern exhibited in this strong two- parent extended family as they rally to support the recovery of their matriarch. Tanya feels duty bound to keep the quilt going and starts her own movement to see that it gets finished. I have a quilt given to me by my mother-in- law who helped me identify where the pieces came from and the family members who wore each item. It was a special moment I shared with this lovely woman I will never forget. Valerie Flournoy’s eloquent text joined with Jerry Pinkney’s vivid illustrations create a delicious literary feast. Enjoy this heartwarming story of generational love and the power of family through the precious remembrances pieced together in the Patchwork Quilt!

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