I could begin my story like Sam Cooke saying, “I was born by the river, in a little tent . . . ” but this would be FAR from the truth.  I could begin my story by saying that “I was born in  a stable with animals” with parents who were running for their lives,  but THAT WOULD ALSO be FAR from the truth.  I could even go so far to say that “on a magical night where the moon was looking down smiling at the stars in anticipation of the birth of a great one”, I came.  That too . . .  FAR from the truth.  Am I belittling my birth?  NO!  Let me tell you where I’m from.

Spring was in full bloom with bees buzzing, birds singing, and I was ready to make my grand entrance.  People were buying flowers and cards, as well as, candy and gifts for that special person.  Ministers were preparing their sermons to recognize strong woman by taking the text of the virtuous woman to describe their character.  Restaurants were prepping their kitchens and food pantries to serve a meal fit for a queen.  If you have not guessed yet, I was born on Mother’s day in a place filled with contradictions. There is beauty and ugliness, pride, and shame, rich and poor in the City of Savannah.  I live in a city with a wealth of history filled with painful memories and yet those of color can say without reservation that their ancestors LITERALLY built the City of Savannah, Georgia.

The streets bustle with tourist all along river street and downtown taking various kinds of historical and non-historical tours.  Tall strong and aging Oak trees live throughout the city as a testament to the historicity of this “failed colonial experiment.” Home of Mercer, Low, and O’Connor.  Place of Sherman’s famous march to the sea.  Yes, I live in Savannah, Georgia.  Home of the fictional “Hard Hearted Hannah, the Vamp of Savannah” and the founder of the first Negro Baptist church.  A city with a rich history.  It is with a humble heart that I add my information to the list of important events that took place in Savannah, Georgia fifty years ago.  Savannah, Georgia is WHERE I’M FROM!

~~~Malinda Gwyn~~~


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