Transformative Thursdays: Pressing On!

I ran this morning as I typically do but I felt really sluggish and like I was moving really slowly. I kept running, putting one foot in front of the other, trying to push myself to go faster. During most of my run, I felt like it was probably going to be one of my slower times, but when I finished, it was my fastest time to date! I had beat my last few runs even though I felt better during the other runs.

That proved once again that feelings cannot always be trusted. We should run regardless of how we feel and even if we feel bad or sluggish or like it’s not working, we refuse to stop. We keep going and keep running.

In life, we are faced with situations where our feelings or emotions may tell us to stay in a bad situation or give someone a piece of our mind or become complacent with the life we don’t like. But it takes gumption and commitment to stay the course and keep going. Resist the urge to trust your feelings.  Our true and sturdy foundation is only in God’s Word. That’s the only thing that brings true fulfillment, results and Godly success!

So next time you’re running and don’t feel like it, or don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere…keep running! It may be your best time yet!

~Coletta Jones Patterson

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