Sundays with Stassi: Healthier Eating

Every trip to the mainland is filled with shopping nowadays. Mostly food shopping as I  search for less expensive high quality organic food. So, the last time I was there I spent some time in one of those very small, in the middle of downtown in a major city Whole Foods Market. How delighted was I to be reacquainted with some decent prices for high quality food!! I went for grains and beans since those are pretty easier to toss in my suitcase, which I finally got TSA approved locks for since I’ve had waaay tooooo many luggage mishaps in the last 9 months. No, seriously…One time my luggage arrived with one of my packages of Oreos missing like 3 or 4 cookies like I wouldn’t realize the seal was broken or that one row had tons more movement than the other. Oh and another time my bag came off of the baggage belt with the main compartment half unzipped, but luckily all of my panties were inside of my bag and didn’t go flying across the airport! But anyway, I digress…In this last shopping trip, I discovered red quinoa. I’ve done a few recipes with couscous and of course I’m still learning, but I was ready to plunge into cooking with quinoa…so why not start with red.

A friend of mine told me about this breakfast bowl that she had at a restaurant one time and I became determined to try it. She told me it was red quinoa layered with kale and topped off with a fried egg. That sounded easy enough, but of course I had no idea what it was supposed to taste like or anything for that matter. So I took to a basic Google search, viewed a couple of similar recipes, and decided to go for it.


Cook red quinoa according to directions

Sauté chopped onions & garlic in coconut oil

Toss in chopped kale & cook until it wilted

Fry egg in a separate pan

In a bowl, add quinoa, layer with kale mix & top with fried egg

So I Finally tried out this protein packed bowl! It actually came out ok other than my egg sticking to my nonstick pan… Red quinoa, onions & kale, egg bowl! It was delicious although next time I will cook my egg “over medium” where the yolk is mostly firm but a little runny near the center so that the egg yolk can mix with the veggies and grains.


Salivating for food,

Stassi Nicole

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