Ask Dr. Marta Weekly – May 28



A bright and curious little girl, big sisters who think you’re a pest, a beautiful shell from the sea and a mysterious green villain who’ll use a child to earn his supper! Now that’s a recipe for adventure!
WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK: Verna Aardema delivers a gem of an African folktale filled with drama, family love and some good old-fashioned wisdom. Bimwili wants more than anything to spend time with her beloved sisters who want nothing to do with their younger sibling. They learn an important lesson in responsibility and setting priorities by the end of this magical tale. We witness the care and concern of a loving mother and father and a community united in their support for each other. Susan Meddaugh paints glorious scenery and rich textures of family and village life adding to the fun and vitality of this book. As you share this special story you’ll be sure to hear the waves breaking on the beach and Bimwili’s sweet song beckoning you across the big water!

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