When I was little, my oldest sister met this really cool guy who liked to take pictures.  He was so tall and really cute.  What made me happy was that he always paid attention to me but never neglected my sister.  As a child, I did not realize that second statement but as an adult, he really loved her.  They later married and had an extremely successful and blessed life.  One of their successes is the founder of this wonderful project, thewriteaddiction.

As I got older, my father would take me fishing.  I have five sisters and three brothers.  Being the tomboy of the daughters, it thrilled my very being to have my father all to myself while he and I stood on the banks of the water, sometimes talking, sometimes not, sharing moments that I would later realize were worth more than gold.

When people said that someone was poor, I use to think of pictures of people in shacks and no food.  Little did I know that we, although we did not live in a shack and were blessed with food, economically we were considered to be poor.  The Lord blessed my mother with the gift of sewing.  I did not own a pair of store bought jeans until middle school but my mother made a denim suit that made me feel like I had the baddest denim suit in the world.  Yes I was teased but I did not care because my mother made it for me and NOBODY else had one  like it.

After four years of marriage, my now ex husband and I had a beautiful son.  Although I was tethered to monitors for ten days, the doctor successfully delivered our son on the first day of the thirty seventh week of pregnancy.  My parents were there with me.  They were able to experience something that they were not able to experience with my parents nine pregnancies.  They heard their grandsons’ heartbeat and saw him on an ultrasound.

Before my mother died she told me that she liked me, which meant that she loved me and with that,  she and I had made peace.

Happiness can be fluid.  There is nothing in stone that completely defines happiness.  What makes one happy, may not make another happy.  One thing is certain..  It is an emotion that takes work to maintain.

Have a fabulous FUNKADELIC FRIDAY.

~~~Malinda Gwyn~~~




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