Sundays with Stassi: FB memories…modern time capsules?

Are you on Facebook?
Do you get those “On this day…” memories that pop up out of nowhere on your timeline?
Well, I do and let me just tell you that those memories speak LIFE into my life. It’s amazing how these old posts can remind you of what was going on in your life 1 year ago, 2 years ago, or even 5 or more years ago. You can see a snapshot of the things that you have gone through, both joyous and saddening, but most importantly how you reacted to those times. I have noticed that when I am reminded of posts that occurred during some of my most difficult times, they are usually filled with scripture and encouragement to other people rather than me dwelling on the negative of my life. I am thankful to have a spirit that enables me to encourage others during the times when I know I need to be encouraged. These memories remind me that I am not on this journey alone and that all things work out for my good in the end. Storms come and go, but it’s your response to the storms that truly show your character. Are you like the disciples who were afraid and angry when they were caught in the storm? or do you choose to reflect Christ by being calm and encouraging others when you’re in the midst of a storm?
These FB memories also remind me of the time capsules that you see in movies. You know, when people put things they love or a note to themselves in some kind of container or box and bury it with a vow to dig it up at a 20 year class reunion or something. Yeah, my classmates and I never did that, but in this age of technology FB provides another way to capture our present and remind us of it in the future. We no longer have to bury objects or notes to ourselves. We can simply type a message and/or take a quick snapshot to preserve the right now moment. However, the problem with this is the current generation is that there’s no filter. A lot of times people immediately post their “right now” feelings before evaluating a situation. This, of course, isn’t a good way to capture moments in life…or to build an electronic time capsule since it will be filled with irrational responses to life. We have to move away from the “insta..” way of life back towards a more planned and thought out way of responding to our life.
So how do we use these modern day time capsules to teach our kids about life and making memories? Collecting memories and experiences with those you love are much more enriching to life than collecting money and things.
Stassi out

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