Mellow Mondays: Taught or Bought

Today’s challenge has us writing about a lesson our elders taught us. Well, I have have plenty of those and whole lot of lessons I ended up “buying” because I did not listen. Growing up my Pawpaw paid all the bills in the house. My Granny worked because she wanted to but didn’t have to. Well Granny had a lot of freedom with her money and we grandchildren were spoiled by it. But that freedom did come with a price when not used wisely. Back in the day department stores were a BIG deal. Granny had a line of credit with each one. After a while the debt hole became huge. Granny had to stop all that spending and get her credit in order. It took a while but she was able to pay off everyone and cut up each of those credit cards.

Little did we know that there was a divine order to this. My Pawpaw had a massive stroke a few years later and my Granny had to take care of the household.

Now, was this a lesson taught or bought for me. Unfortunately, it’s the latter. I knew and saw first hand what debt can do and how it can affect your livelihood. Now, I am trying to climb out of a debt hole of my own making. As I reflect I have no reason to be debt like I am, but I must live with the consequences of the actions that I chose.

It is so important to take the advice of those who have already run the race before you. Oh how I miss those moments of conversation with my Granny about life in general. I thank God she prayed for me to have common sense and discernment. Young people today don’t understand the value our elders have. Cherish them. Their blood, sweat, tears, hard work, and sacrifices are the foundation that we stand on today.

I’m so honored when I am able to sit at the feet of an elder. It’s a blessing that I make sure I don’t miss.


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