Introducing “The Pop Off”

Sundays With Stassi will return next week. Today we’d like to introduce you to a new TheWRITEaddiction spin off called “The Pop Off”. Here’s a welcome from the author.

It was only a matter of time before I found another outlet… For the record, everything that I post on this new spot are my personal and constitutionally protected free speech and not represent the viewpoints of my friends, family, employer, associates or anyone else with whom I have a connection. I simply refuse to surrender the awesome tool we are blessed with called Facebook to people who discourage intelligent, thoughtful and respectful dialogue between people all over the globe. I’m drawing my line in the sand and declaring this space safe for those who want to critically think through world issues and work on ideas to address those challenges and move the human race forward. Not sure where this will go but if you want to see, I suggest you like the page, share and stay tuned cause this is the one place I’m turning my filter OFF.
Check out The Pop Off on Facebook and remember to Like and Share.

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