Ask Dr. Marta Weekly – May 14



Beebe and Johnson just want a normal home with a mama who stays around to love and care for them. But mama’s got problems too big for her children to handle on their own. Who do you call? Your Gracie Aunt of course!  

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK: Increasing numbers of children enter the foster care system each day as more families sink into crisis due to drugs, poverty, abuse and neglect. Jacqueline Woodson gives voice to this tragic story with a powerful and moving depiction of what happens to the most vulnerable victims of troubled families: the children. Beebe and Johnson could be any number of children who are set adrift by the absence of parents who are unable and/or unwilling to provide the care and love they need. The foster care system has filled this void for many years and struggles now under the ever-increasing load of children who need refuge from troubled homes. The realism and warmth of Jon J. Muth illustrations touch your heart and evoke a call to action on behalf of victims like the siblings in our story. Perhaps you are already providing a home for someone in need or considering reaching out and lending a helping hand. The bottom line is this; there are children waiting like Beebe and Johnson who just need someone who cares! Could that someone be you?

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