burial site of Toma Chi Chi

Beyond The Surface:  Chief Toma Chi Chi

Toma Chi Chi, Chief of the Yamacraw Indians,  played a key role in establishing the colony of Savannah, Georgia.  In truth, had it not been for Chief Toma Chi Chi, the colony of Savannah would not exist.  The brave chief granted James Oglethorpe, and the others who came with him, access to create  this experimental colony but THAT’S NOT WHAT I WANT TO TALK ABOUT.  Let’s go beyond the surface.  Shall we?


When a person of honor dies, great memorials are laid in their remembrance.  Such was done for Chief Toma Chi Chi, however, his monument was short lived.


” Upon Tomochichi’s death, at the direction of Oglethorpe, he was buried in what was then Percival Square.  ln 1882 a monument to William Washington Gordon was erected in the square and Tomochichi’s remains were relocated.   A monument to Tomochichi was later added to the square.”

There is a lingering question as to whether the remains of the great chief were relocated or not.  If relocated, where?  NOBODY SEEMS TO KNOW.  We shall continue to go beyond the surface on this matter.  Have a fabulous FUNKADELIC FRIDAY!!!

~~~Malinda Gwyn~~~


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