Mellow Mondays: Honor Thy Mother and Father

Sunday was Mother’s Day and everyone took time out their schedule to celebrate their mothers.  These celebrations included gifts, dinner, Facebook posts, and the list can go on and on.  But do we need a holiday to remind us to celebrate our mothers and fathers as well (Father’s Day is next month).  The Bible gave us all clear instructions on how to honor our parents.  It also the first commandment with promise – meaning if you do this correctly you will be rewarded.  This thought came to me as I was on social media.  There were some individuals who felt the need to explain why Mother’s Day was so important.  But to me that explanation wasn’t needed.  First off – it’s your personal Facebook account; you chose what you want to post.  Secondly – if you are single parent, kudos to you.  You don’t need validation from a group of people who don’t interact with on a daily basis.  As a parent your job is to care for your children.  Unfortunately some have to do it alone but God will handle those parents who do not accept their responsibilities.  As children our jobs is to obey our parents and follow their teachings.

Am I against the holidays of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day?  Not at all.  It’s beautiful to see how others chose to honor their parents publicly.  But that honor should come daily.  It’s daily in how we carry ourselves in public, how we serve others,  how we keep God’s word in our hearts, and how we check on our parents daily.


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