Sundays with Stassi: MOM. Enough Said

Dedicated to my mom…

How many of us have them…Friends 

Ones we can depend on…

Each. and every. one. of us.

If we’re truly honest with ourselves

If we search deep within

We KNOW. From the soul of our being that we can replace Friends with another…
How many of us have them…


Ones we can depend on…

Well. I can speak. For. myself.

When I really think about my childhood

When I remember the sacrifices 

I KNOW. From the soul of my being that I can’t replace her with another…
My rock, my confidant, my sounding board, my travel buddy, MY plus one…


Thank you for knowing your role.

A calm, gentle, loving soul when I needed a mom 

to rub cream on my chest when I was stuffy at night,

To bandage my knees when I fell off of my bike,

To tell me

Everything is going to be alright 

when the kids at school were trying to pick a fight

With me, but I knew better

Because you were a disciplinarian to…

That COLD. Hard. Piercing. Stop you in your tracks LOOK.

that “Child you can act a fool in public if you wanna” look

That “Oh, just wait til we get home” look

That “Your teacher told me what you said in class today” look.

That let me know what was coming next.

Because you knew your role,


NOT friend.

But Friendship came later.

You uncovered that layer when I became an adult because you knew your role.
But who IS this virtuous woman? 

for her price is far above rubies.

It’s the fire in her eyes,

And the sun of her smile, 

The bend of her hair,

The grace of HER style.

Because she’s a woman


Phenomenal woman,

That’s mom..
Her husband can trust her,

and she will greatly enrich his life.

She brings him good, not harm,

all the days of her life.
Don’t ya know we love ya? Sweet lady

Place no one above ya, sweet lady

Don’t ya know we love ya?
Dear mama
Her love is like tears from the stars

When she speaks, her words are wise,

and she gives instructions with kindness

She is clothed with strength and dignity,

and she laughs (hahaha) without fear of the future
NOW, I understand 

Just why her head was never bowed.

See… she’s unbreakable, unmistakable

Highly capable, lady that’s making loot

A living legend too, just look at what heaven do

Send us an angel, and I thank you (Hey Mama)
Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last;

but a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised.

Reward her for all she has done.

There are many virtuous and capable women in the world,

but you surpass them all!

We thank each and every one of you.

Happy Mothers’ Day.


Proverbs 31:10-31

Tupac’s Dear Mama

Kanye’s Hey Mama

Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman

Whodini’s Friends

Boyz II Men’s A Song for mom

Marta Collier Youngblood 

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