What’s Happening Wednesdays: Going Dark

I watch a lot of political dramas (and that’s not including the 2016 election cycle.) These shows often include soldiers who are caught in enemy territory.  The good guys are always outfitted with the latest tracking and communications devices, but in order to avoid detection by the enemy, they choose not to activate these devices.  They call it “going dark” or “going quiet.”

I’m pondering my own version of going dark.  I’m not really sure if I’m the good guy or the bad guy in this metaphor, but I know the battlefield is my mind.  I’m thinking about logging off my one social media account for a time, while I try to get my bearings straight.

You see, social media and I have a tenuous relationship. While we are certainly not enemies, we are not necessarily allies either.  Our partnership is generally strategic.  (I promote my blog, Facebook tries to sell me something pertaining to my blog.). But the relationship can also be adversarial.  I have a job, and with all it’s distractions, Facebook can easily reduce my productivity by 20%.

Twenty percent!

I have a lot to do.  As a busy mom with 3 kids, a full-time job, and a spouse,  that large a fraction of my time would much better be spent doing Real work.  But instead, I’m liking posts and poetically pontificating on whatever my mind wanders to that day.

So going dark might not be a bad idea for me right now.  My May calendar looks like dry-erase board at a brainstorming session for Google employees.  There is barely any white space left.

But keep your eyes and ears open. As soon as I’m pretty sure the coast is clear, I’ll activate those tracking devices… And before you know it, I’ll be flooding your timelines with pictures of my family and co-signing your random thoughts with my Thumbs -up.

Until next time

Mama Radford

code name:  Loca loquacious



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