carpe diem

To the Younger, hopeful Malinda:

Now that you have graduated from high school there are so many things that I want to tell you that will help you make wise plans for your future.  Since I know that your attention span is short, I will relay these thoughts in numerical bullets.

  1. Your parents are your biggest cheerleaders.  They love you and want only the best for you.  Cherish and appreciate them and their advice.  CLEARLY you don’t understand it now but TRUST ME.  Listen and follow their advice.  They have traveled the road you have yet to walk.
  2. Continue to be celibate.  You were always taught that your virginity is a precious thing and this is true.  No matter what your peers are saying to you and about you, ignore them.  You may not know what lies ahead but only you can give that away.  Remember that you can NEVER get that back.
  3. YOU ARE COLLEGE MATERIAL!! Don’t let anyone tell you differently.  Yes, math is a challenge for you but you did not quit.  Yes, you struggled but you knew that in order to reach that goal of obtaining your diploma, you had to master that monster.
  4. YOU HAVE A VOICE!  Those stories in your head are things that matter and should be shared with others.  Ask questions and look beyond your city.  You WANT to be a WRITER!  MAKE IT HAPPEN!
  5. Don’t take a break.  Pick a college to go to and take general studies.  You will have time to figure out what area you want to pursue to make your dreams to become a writer come true.
  6. YOU ARE SPECIAL!  You already know this.  YOU ARE LOVED!  You already know this.  YOU ARE DEPENDABLE!  You already know this.  YOU HAVE A BIG HEART!  You already know this.  Don’t give everything  away to the point where you have nothing left for you.
  7. It’s okay to say NO!
  9. Remember what Rev. Levi Moore would tell you when he would substitute.  CARPE DIEM.  Seize the day.
  10. HAVE FUN!!!!

I am the older, hopeful you and I wanted to tell you that you do have a future.  Trust God and the plans He has for you.  Grow in your faith.  It WILL guide you to WONDERFUL things.

Stay strong.





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