Mellow Mondays: Carpe Diem

Our fearless leader has issued  some awesome challenges to us these past couple of weeks. This week we are to write a letter to our younger self. This is awesome because I’ve been toying with idea for quite some time. I have several corrections that I want to tell my former self. Now I am grateful for every lesson that I have bought in life but some came at a high price. I would have settled for the lessons taught. I have several keys words of advice to give my former self. Since I like to get straight to the point… we go:

1. Get a passport. There is a lot to see in this world. Take the opportunity to travel especially while you are single.
2. Student Loans. Don’t do it. Didn’t need them in the first. There is no such thing as “free money”. SallieMae can stay in your life forever.
3. Credit Cards. Debt makes you slave. You are not free to enjoy life because you paying someone else for silly mistakes.
4. Save. Nothing like a rainy day fund. There will come a time in life when you can’t call on Mom and Dad to bail you out of situations.
5. No is an awesome word, especially when used correctly. It teaches people how to respect your boundaries.
6. Being single is okay. Marriage is hard work. Take time to work on self. The right one will come along if it’s God’s will.
7. Take chances. It makes life so much greater
8. Don’t become complacent. Life is a journey. There is nothing that says you have to stay in one place at one time.
9. Know your worth.
10. Be confident.
11. Follow your own path and no one else’s.
12. Learn from your mistakes.
13. Don’t wallow in self pity. Trust me it can be a whole lot worse.
14. Encourage your family to try new things. You have more influence than you think.
15. Keep the friend circle small.
16. Continually work on your faith and relationship with God. It will get you through the hard times.
17. Your home is your sanctuary. Make it as such.
18. Take every advantage to grow both personally and professionally.
19. Laugh everyday. And try to smile more. I know this is hard for us but we can work on.
20. Accept who are. Don’t let anyone else change you in order to make them comfortable.
21. Remain loyal. It is one thing that makes us great



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